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Ramnath In retrospection, a bit of the history:

A tiny village to the south of Goa, Loutolim has a varied and colorful history very rarely associated with so small a province, as it were. Known earlier as Gopakpur or Gopak Pattan had one of its districts Salcette, which was extremely important for the fact that it housed the important ruling dynasties of the Kadambas, Gomins and Chalukias. Ensconced in this historical setting of flamboyance, Loutolim stands out for a variety of reasons.

Coined from a combination of the words Tollem [which colloquially means pond] and an extraordinarily luxurious growth of weeds Lovó this place eventually came to be called Loutolim arising from Lovótollem. The pond must generally have been an outstanding place of interest for it to have been used a place of reference.

The inhabitants of this village have renown for a variety of features, namely those of being a primarily erudite lot, placing importance upon the learning of the various arts and also for the spiritual aspect. It is therefore very conclusive to accept that it then became the possessor of one of Goa's famous temples the "Ramnath".

It is also surprising to note that it held the seat of one of the well known universities the "Agrahara". This was established by the settlers from the north to maintain touch with the culture of the inheritance. Being a residential unit, it was open to all the people and was a co-ed facility. The learning imparted was primarily in Sanskrit and included amongst other important aspects, the sciences, professional courses, the Vedas, warfare, religion, astrology, astronomy, music, dance and even art.

Mario Miranda's sketch of Loutolim's tinto

These seats of knowledge were probably the determiners for the factual and intellectual progress and establishment of the village and the metamorphosis of its being remote and accessible to being a sought out premise for the value of its offerings.


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