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There is no place like us

You could be anywhere, yet you chose to be here. Most mansions have an air of neglect that permeates their very roofs and walls, which are generally in a state of dilapidation.

Casa Araujo Alvares view

Casa Araujo Alvares wears her glory in antiquity and grandeur not unlike a grand dame of yore. From the wide entrance to the stately interiors, the house beckons the visitor, like a platter of sumptuous meals.

If you have visited this place, even once, you walk away with a warmth in your heart, that speaks of a generation of people that not only welcome graciously but also enhance their welcome with a generosity that enables you to return.

From the dawn of time to the closure of the ancient, you are an honored guest.




Casa Araujo Alvares Photo Gallery

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Casa Araujo Alvares Photo Gallery








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